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Welcome! This website with its various parts is our way to sharing with every one of you who come to visit, the knowledge gained over our many years. We hope you will find resources to help you in your life journey. Of course we make no guarantees, and you are advised to pick and choose wisely the information that fits with your specific situation. The overall site is divided into several parts:

DIVINE DESIGN is the presentation of our basic statement of purpose. It offers an integrating key to all the information on the site in a context of the interrelationship of HEALTH, WEALTH and WISDOM.

The Kama Sutra, an ancient book of balanced living, tells us there are four major priorities of life: Samadhi (Awareness), Dharma (Ethics), Artha (Prosperity) , Kama (Pleasure)  and puts them in perspective. In the larger sense Kama (pleasure) is about learning to enjoy existence.  'Divine Design –Health,Wealth, and Wisdom' is helpful for this.  Wisdom is learning to put it all together in alignment with each person’s unique personal traits.

HERMETIC ASTROLOGY takes you to the site for Rico’s astrological services and articles.

FREESTONE PUBLISHING offers books and articles directly related to Divine Design.

THE 6 DIRECTIONS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION is a site dedicated to preserving the writings and legacy of Jeannine Parvati Baker.

BIRTHKEEPER is another site dedicated to preserving the writings and legacy of Jeannine Parvati Baker.

Health is absolutely vital. When we are very sick all the other values come up for re-evaluation. We teach a very simple approach to Health, which can be counted on 5 fingers:
The ABCs of Health – Attitude of Awareness; Breath of Bliss; Clean and Clear; Divine Diet; and Ecstatic Exercise.  Attitude is counted on the thumb because it is the pivotal aspect in connection with the other four aspects of health. In our workshops we present and practice all five aspects .

Included in our classes is a very simple but effective form of exercise related to Hatha Yoga, which brings together breath, mind and posture.  We teach 4 purification breaths and slow easy postures combined with awareness of breath.  Strength is also emphasized which builds bones, and is especially good for "older folks" but really for everyone.

Divine Design suggests that we broaden our vision of health to include seeing how inner health and outer environmental health are inter-related.  Hence, we stress the importance of healthy foods grown in healthy soil, and healthy and sustainable homes and vehicles (e.g., green building, vastu designs, electric and alternative vehicles, high energy and vibration superfoods, and Ayurvedic cooking, which stresses the importance of digestion and the spices best for digestion).

Notice the similar spelling of Health and Wealth. Health is wealth and wealth is health.  Prosperity is being able to help others.  Being OK with prosperity or Artha usually means coming to terms with our self-limiting ideas about prosperity. We have found some of the following especially important for re-visioning prosperity:

• Loving what is and what you do.  Doing anything with resistance (not lovingly and willingly) drains energy and is therefore not healthy.

• It is important to have a balanced and ethical approach to prosperity in these exciting and challenging times.  Conscious estate planning, retirement (especially self-directed IRAs), can contribute to integrity in prosperity. Through our network of resources, we help folks get connected with some of the healing edge providers of healthy wealth building.

Divine Design means to be aware of and aligned with the larger perspective in all that we do. This perspective emphasizes the unity of inner and outer, "as above, so below.” Understanding celestial influences can be helpful – like a cosmic weather report.  2012 is the ending of the Mayan calendar and suggests a movement from linear to a quantum sense of timing.   This calendar
 seems to be pointing to an acceleration of information and events as we approach the year 2012. In this context, HERMETIC ASTROLOGY can be of great benefit to get one’s bearings in the cosmic picture.

• Information does not necessarily lead to wisdom.  Intelligence with experience, compassion and awareness can help.   Putting it all together in a synergistic way is vital.

• Meditation: practice being present.  There are many kinds of meditation.  The way we like to facilitate we call "Open-eyed, Reality Meditation" or ORM which is helpful for all situations.  On the Freestone Publishing website, there is an online Meditation book available entitled, Meditation & Being Present: Plain, Simple and Free By Rico Baker.

And finally, Coming to terms (loving) with who we are and impermanence is ultimately extremely important.  Sickness, Aging and dying are realities not to be ignored if we are to maintain a realistic view of our human situation. We call this, "Preparation for the Final Exam," or “Reading the signs that the Off Ramp is approaching.”

Divine Design is the metaphor for a life lived from before birth to death in tune, awake and aware. The SIX DIRECTIONS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION site following the inspiration of Jeannine Parvati Baker demonstrates an integrated approach to optimal family health, including the importance of conscious conception, gentle birth, breast-feeding, non-circumcision, non-violent childhood, the importance of touch, vegetarian diet, non-violent communication, conscious sexuality, gentle medicinals, loving relationships, and conscious dying.  (See our books, CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION and HYGIEIA).

Future aspects of the DIVINE DESIGN site will emphasize our Vastu Design and Consulting and continued updating of our services and related news. We are developing an annotated reference section connecting to many resources not readily available elsewhere. STAY TUNED!

Thank you, Love and Namaste,
Rico & Claire


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